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Change of direction

I haven’t created any posts in a while and the main reason for this is that my life has taken a new direction. I have always been in to fitness, but over the past year I have become passionate about it. That passionate that I want to pursue a career in it.

I am currently training strongman (strongwoman I guess). I entered my first competition around a month ago and came 6th out of 11. With only 3 months training for this event, I am proud of how well I did. I may have been training for a year now, but I have only been training strongman for 3 months. With this type of competition, it is very hard to train in a normal gym. I had to travel 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back every time I wanted to train. Now, I am lucky enough to have a gym opening down the road from me so that I can train whenever I like.

I have become so passionate about fitness that I have applied to do my level 3 personal training at a local college. If I am successful, it will be a 17 week course that will start pretty much as soon as my degree is over. This means that I will be able to pursue a career in fitness and be able to live in the gym either training clients or training myself.

I will be using this blog to keep track of my progress and be posting any PB’s that I achieve.

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