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Why it’s important to take a week off every so often

There have been a few days recently where I haven’t been up for going to the gym. And that’s okay! Sometimes your body needs some time off to recover from the stress that it has been under through lifting weights or running or whatever your exercise may be.

I like to take around 5 to 7 days off every month or two just to chill out and let my body recover, especially if I have a competition coming up. If I do have an upcoming competition, I will either take the week beforehand off or I will have a really light deload week. This means that I will strip the weight down to below 50% of the weight I normally use.

Not only is it good to recover, it is good for my mind to do this. I get in to the mindset that I need to keep getting personal bests to show that I’m improving, but having this week off means I have time to stop thinking this way and just chill out. Progressive overload can be shown in many more ways than just getting a PB all the time. One way of progressively overloading is doing one extra rep per set. Or your form improving is another example of you improving.

I think we all need to get out of this mindset of “if I have a week off the gym, I’m gonna get fat” because this isn’t the case. If anything, a week off the gym every now and then is only gonna benefit your performance.

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